Awake Marketing Agency started with an idea that companies and products gain the most traction and build the most brand loyalty by interacting with its customers. Experiential Marketing is the fastest and most effective way for consumers to get familiar with your product, and while Awake, you can watch your brand grow.


Shop Small Saturday

Awake Marketing Agency works with companies throughout the nation and around the world, but we don’t forget that we live locally. At Awake, we believe in giving back to our community in a variety of ways, and our actions show that. So we encourage everyone to Shop Small on Saturday, November 25th, 2017, to find the local, unique, and often cherished items for your family and friends.

After the madness of Black Friday shopping is over, and before the impersonal quest of Cyber Monday begins, head out to your local businesses, eat at your local diner, and have some drinks at your local pub! While AWAKE, we will be doing the same here in our home town! Enjoy Thanksgiving with the ones you love, and don’t forget to Shop Small on Saturday!

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