Awake Marketing Agency started with an idea that companies and products gain the most traction and build the most brand loyalty by interacting with its customers. Experiential Marketing is the fastest and most effective way for consumers to get familiar with your product, and while Awake, you can watch your brand grow.
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At Awake Marketing Agency, we believe brand ambassadors are one of the most essential aspects of a campaign. However, not all brand ambassadors are one-size-fits-all. Someone who is perfect for a Harley-Davidson event won’t be perfect for a Barbie promotion. While Awake, we will choose the best talent to represent your brand, and generate a positive emotional connection to your company.

Our database of talent will allow us to create a cast of characters perfect for your script. We even have eyes and ears on the ground to make sure brand ambassadors are providing the best service and best representation for your brand.


While Awake, we will work with your marketing team to conceptualize, create, and catapult your brand to the next level. Experiential Marketing is not-so-much about the sale as it is the experience. Our live events will create an emotional experience between your brand and consumers.

Awake Marketing can help with event concept and make sure the brand and event reach your key demographic. We provide and train the best talent to deliver key messaging and allow event attendees to personally interact with, sample, and connect with your product.

If you need customized promotional products to distribute at your event, we can get that for you. We can even provide experienced tour managers for the longer campaigns. We know that each client has specific and differing needs, so while Awake, we cater our solutions to that specific client and that specific need.

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