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Marketing is More Than Ads

When you hear the word ‘marketing’ what do you think of?  Ads?  Social Media?  SEO?  While those are all accurate, marketing is so much more, especially this time of year.

Awake Marketing Agency has, if-only for a month, ventured into the world of Christmas lights and Christmas decorations!  Albeit local, Awake Marketing is lighting up the county with decorations and lights for homeowners and business owners alike.  Having completed a few jobs already, these businesses are receiving many phone calls and emails complimenting the decorations, and website visits are up!  All of this can be turned into leads for the respective businesses.  The homeowners are enjoying the festive decorations that Awake Marketing has assembled as well.

While this isn’t a year-round marketing strategy, nor has it expanded across the nation, it’s a good reminder that businesses big and small all have a “home town” and can contribute to their community in many different ways.

On top of all of that, the lights and decorations improve people’s feelings towards those businesses and homeowners, truly making this season merry and bright!

If you’d like your home or business decorated for the holidays, call Chris at (772) 913-5347 or email

Merry Christmas!